Making an area global

My NavBar is not located in the header.
Is there a way to make it global so I dont have to add the nav bar very time I add a new page?

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mckoenig replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, just add a Global Area as described in this article:
Job replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
In your theme, instead of an Area, make a global area ...

   $a = new GlobalArea('Name of Area');

You'll then get a Stack in the Stack area called "Sitewide Name of Area", put your navigation in there and it'll display on all pages!

Hope this helps - if it does be sure to mark it as an answer.

djoniba replied on at Permalink Reply
Of couse. I knew that. Just didnt check the "harddrive"
imJack replied on at Permalink Reply
You rock.
VidalThemes replied on at Permalink Reply
Before using Jobs example, please remember to remove the '$c' variable, it shouldn't be present in a global area :)
franciscodake replied on at Permalink Reply
its featured content helps in the process of what is being created on the web. Keep it up.
chrismodlao replied on at Permalink Reply
And what about a menu call with GLOBAL AREA to be translate with different language ?
I can't manage to make it works (the menu stay in ENG, but i have pages in FR)