Manually installation not possible (themes not listed)


I downloaded a few themes to install them manually because I'm getting that token message ('Your site token must be 64 characters').
I followed the instructions ( ) but I can't see them when I chose 'extend concrete5'. They are not listed.

The themes are boldy, earthtones: stone, loadfoov2, long story short, salt n pepa, samshing html5, whitespace and I'm running concrete5 on an Ubuntu 14.04.1 machine (VM).

What's going wrong? How to fix this?


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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
When you look in your packages folder on the server do you see /packages/theme_name/theme_name/controller.php or do you just see /packages/theme_name/controller.php?

When you download them sometimes there is an extra folder that you do not want on the server that will cause the same issue you are describing.
konkretFuenf replied on at Permalink Reply
Got it!
I changed the folders name. Must be the original name.

Thanks for the hint!