Multiple auto nav menus

I need to create a template (or modify a standard one) to have 2 menu areas. The first at the very top of the page (using the standard auto-nav block) above the site name will have a number of items such as:

Home | About | News | Contact

some will have dropdowns.
The second menu (using the mega-menu add-on) below the site name area will have items such as

Product Group A | Product Group B | Product Group C | Product Group D | etc

The second menu should exclude items in the first menu and vice versa.

I can and have added the menu areas to the template but I cannot find out how to exclude items from the corresponding menu. The both show all items.

I have found a tutorial for doing this at:

but it refers to an earlier version of C5 and I can't find equivalent chunks of code in the version I am using (5.6.1)

Is there an update to this tutorial or can anyone point me in the right direction to make the changes?

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