Overriding autonav template within a package


I write my first C5 theme based on bootstrap 3.
For easier deployment I make a package.

I know that I need the bootstrap 3 classes in the view.php of the autonav block.

Thought I can place the customized view.php of autonav in

But that doesn't work. Always the default c5 classes are in use.

What have I to do that the view.php within my package is used? (I don't touch other files of autonav block)



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bbeng89 replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hm, that should have worked. Did you try clearing out the concrete5 cache?

Another option would be creating a templates directory at:

Then in that directory you can copy/paste the view.php file and name it something like "bootstrap.php".

The bootstrap custom template will then be available if you click the autonav block in edit mode and choose "Custom Template".
core77 replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, it should have worked :-) I simply don't understand it.

I'll give your suggestion with the custom template a try.