Overriding Single Pages Not Working

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Hey All,

I'm pulling my hair out over this. I'm trying to override the members page and am having zero luck. From all my reading, it looks like it is as simple as copying members.php page from concrete/single_pages/ and placing it in single_pages/, but no luck.

Am I way off target here? I swear I did this previously and it worked.

Thanks in advance!


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adajad replied on at Permalink Reply
Is overrides cache turned on? If so, turn it off and clear your cache and see if that helps.
jamgood96 replied on at Permalink Reply
Yep, it's turned off and I cleared the cache too.
SheldonB replied on at Permalink Reply
in your dashboard system environments it should say overridden pages if its not there its not overridden (something is wrong) if it is then try clearing the cache of your browser
jamgood96 replied on at Permalink Reply
So I checked the "Environment Information" section and under "concrete5 Overrides" it does indeed show single_pages/members.php as being overridden.

I cleared my browser cache, as well as tried several other browsers and no luck.
SheldonB replied on at Permalink Reply

maybe try out of the singles folder

*note just don't override the actual core file

for testing purposes you could however make a back-up of the file and then copy and paste the file to see if it changes, but then put it back any core files are change to default every update - unless there in a safe override area outside of the core.

kinda stumped if it says its in environment
jamgood96 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hmmmmmmm, here's something curious.

I (stupidly) forget to mention that this is occurring while running the website locally. I decided to modify the one on the actual server and it works fine.

Why would it not behave properly on my local machine? I'm running a LAMP stack, but likely don't have all the variables configured properly.
INTcommunications replied on at Permalink Reply
I to have had no luck with overriding local files - did you find anything else about this?
McArtney82 replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you sure it was just doing that? I'm having the exact same problem on a live server (not local). The override is showing in the environment section for single_pages/members.

I'm also having the same problem for single_pages/account - I've overridden a lot of other files with ease including the register page, the member profile page...but for some reason I cannot get member or account to work.
foster replied on at Permalink Reply
I think you will also need to edit config/site_theme_paths.php

This is something I've done successfully with the login and 404 pages.

This is the code that is commented out on that page:

   you can override system layouts here  - but we're not going to by default 
   For example: if you would like to theme your login page with the Green Salad theme,
   you would uncomment the lines below and change the second argument of setThemeByPath 
   to be the handle of the the Green Salad theme "greensalad" 
$v = View::getInstance();
$v->setThemeByPath('/login', "yourtheme");
$v->setThemeByPath('/page_forbidden', "yourtheme");
$v->setThemeByPath('/register', "yourtheme");