Problem editing theme sitewide

I'm using version
I'm currently trying a bit concrete5 installed on wamp and it runs well except for the themes.
When I want to edit the theme, I change what I want and when it asks "apply sitewide", the changes don't apply. If I apply them only on this page it works fine.
Can anyone help with this ?
Thanks by advance.

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siton replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Your question its little general. Please add more details (You work on elemental theme?)

1)If you added global area its not "enough". You also need to connect this global area to all the pages templates that you want to show the same content.

For example i added globalArea in file footer.php.

Now i need to add this footer.php to full.php, left_sidebar.php and so on
<?php  $this->inc('elements/footer.php'); ?>

2)Mabye the problem is with page types (you edit one page type - but try to see the change in another page type, or same page type with another template output)

3)Turn off cache
Naralas replied on at Permalink Reply
Seems like it was a cache problem, it's weird cause I used another browser, tried to delete it, but I installed an addon on my browser to remove it automatically and it works fine. Thanks.
HMcCarthy replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you talking about when you are in page settings (the little gear icon at the top) and in the design section? That's where I see the ability to apply changes either site wide or on a per page basis when you're editing the theme colors.
Naralas replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes exactly.
You have the theme and you can edit for example the footer's background. The weird thing is that the changes I make are saved but not applied.