remove Elemental content

I am new to concrete5 I have built a site (my first ever!) in xampp and transfered to live hosting, (5.7)
Elemental content is stuck in the search indexing,
the elemental theme is not available in themes and pages only my installed theme (supermint3)
how on earth can i remove the old content ?
searching 'a' brings up the old elemental content,
i have of course re-indexed

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jero replied on at Permalink Reply
One way you can do this is to temporarily modify your custom theme and add in the areas that were defined by the elemental theme.

All you'd need to do is add

<?php $a= new Area('Whatever'); $a->display($c)?>

into your templates substituting all the original area names for "Whatever" and repeating for each area name.

Once you've done that, edit each page, delete all content from those areas, save and then remove the areas from your theme.

You should also investigate the stacks/global areas in the dashboard and remove any that you're sure are not used by your theme.

Once you've done all that, reindex the search and you should be sweet.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
On a related topic, there might be a much easier way to do this in the future. Version 8 of concrete5 may include a way to delete orphaned blocks.

"Orphaned Blocks Option in Add Block Panel #3234"

For those who like this idea, I recommend commenting to show your interest.