Resetting a Theme

Is there anyway I can reset a theme back to its original form? I'm currently using a Slate theme from c5mix.

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PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you use the theme customization tool included in the Concrete dashboard? If so, you can reset it back to its original form by pressing the 'reset' button.

Otherwise, if you modified it by changing the source code directly, there is no way to reset it back. The only thing left to do in this case would be to completely re-install the theme.
UWHC replied on at Permalink Reply
I want my project to look exactly like the Slate theme and then start customizing from there? Is that possible?
frolicbb replied on at Permalink Reply
I have a similar issue.

The header nav links and site name for the dark chocolate is messed up.

I finally got the default layout working (Had to jerry rig the header.php file, but the default is now good. I just need to reset all the pages using the template

The problem is that I manually adjusted things on the individual pages. I don't want to lose data, but I want to get back to using the same template for all.

Some have fields with dashed pink lines. These are the standard fields moved to a different spot....

Some of these fields were deleted when I ended up modifing individual pages. How do I reset these?

I think I got one of the pink areas reset by resetting the styles. But if a field was removed, how do you press reset?
frolicbb replied on at Permalink Reply
actually even that field didn't reset to default. It seems to have reset to the old default.

My default pages are correct, new pages are correct, but I can't reset old pages to the new default.
frolicbb replied on at Permalink Reply
Actually, I figured out the pink dotted lines are the fields from the default view. The darker red is a system wide stack. (EDIT: I don't know how to tell what stack to edit to modify the stack system wide. -- or even which stack it is if I do edit the system wide one.)

From the default page of a template, you can re-push the template to the pages by clicking apply to

Dashboard > Page Types > Properties > and clicking "setup on child pages" on each stack in the template.

This just pushes each stack to the pages using the template. It pops up a list of pages using that template, and you can check which ones you want or don't want. NOTE: It pushes these stacks below the other stacks in that section. So you will still have to go to each page and move them to the proper position on each page.