Responsive Frameworks: Skeleton vs Bootstrap vs Foundation - Which is Right for You?

Guess what! Concrete now has all three of the most popular responsive frameworks available in the marketplace. But... which is right for you?

Skeleton is a light-weight frameworks that ONLY uses CSS. As the screen size gets smaller, columns simply disappear, but retains the content. It seems to be most ideal for simple websites that don't require a lot of extra features. The theme 'FlexCRETE' (created by me) uses this framework. Check it out here:

Bootstrap is another framework - created by Twitter - that utilizes jquery to handle some of the work. It features a lot of popular user interface elements such as navigation bar, modal boxes, and more. A theme of the same name was made for concrete; check it out here:

Finally, there is another framework called 'Foundation.' Similar to Bootstrap, it too utilizes jquery for some user interface elements. The main difference from Bootstrap is that it is lighter and a bit simpler to use. I have a NEW theme for this framework now available here:

Which is right for you?

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
As someone who mostly uses or buys themes in preference to cutting my own, I quite like framework based themes. At the expense of some bloat from the framework, they tend to be well organised, so making it easier for me to get in and tweak them to do what I want.

However, there is a caveat on this. If a framework has been minimised and stripped down, then understanding inside it becomes harder.

My overall perspective is its a bit like jquery plugins. The minimised version is good when everything is working fine and I don't need to make changes. The full version with comments is better when I have bugs to find or changes to make, or simply need to understand the interface and options.

Maybe a similar approach could be made w.r.t framework based themes.
PauloCarvalhoDesign replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, + for John, also take a look at resposta-framework for c5
sortofme replied on at Permalink Reply
i use foundation, and for wordpress a derivate called reverie, and must say I really like it, as mentioned it is very well organised, and in termsof wordpress standards, I learnt alot about how easy wordpress can be if you use all of the tools it offers.

I always had some issues using bootstrap though...

I sometimes also use skeleton, because of often encountering issues with bootstraps jquerz, and skeleton onlz relies on css.
it doesn't have funky things like tabs and very limited css tools
relungimaji replied on at Permalink Reply
i love using Foundation. It has a gallery feature. It's suite for my portfolio site.