Theme is not showing in DASHBOARD !!


I am trying to build a new website using c5. I have a static HTML theme, which I want to integrate. For that purpose I thought I will customize the elemental theme into the LooknFeel to my HTML theme.
I followed the tradition way of theme override.

1. I copied elemental theme from \concrete\themes to \themes
2. I changed the thumbnail and added description.txt( which was not included in elemental theme, I dont know why )
3. I renamed my theme folder into new and added corresponding details in description.txt

Now, I logged in as admin and clicked pages&themes in Dashboard. But no new themes are showing dashboard !! . To double check this, I went and download on free theme from concrete 5 website and put in the /siteroot/theme folder . No, that is also not showing in the Dashboard. What to do now ? I put down all kind of cache already.

what am I doing wrong? wrong location ?

I am using latest stable version of c5. I am attaching a screenshot of my folder directory structure.

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Your themes need to be under \application\themes. So you forgot the "application" directory here. Also, you will need to edit the page_theme namespace to:

namespace Application\Theme\Crow;
wbargent replied on at Permalink Reply
You only need to copy files you want to edit to the application directory.
The core files will remain in the concrete directory as its a core theme.
I would suggest deleting the copied version and activate the them using the files in the core then only copy the files you want to edit to the application directory.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Have a look a cloneamental in the marketplace. It is a packaged clone of elemental and intended to act as a starting point for what you are doing.