uninstall reinstall theme or concrete5

I am having trouble getting the footers to show on all pages using Slate. And was getting access denied errors on the files needed. I saw on the concrete5 forum where i needed to uninstall and then reinstall Slate to gain access. I have numbers times uploaded the archive file, unassigned and then reassigned Slate. It shows that it is assigned but it doesn't show up in themes.

The instructions say to unzip Slate on the server but my host control panel doesn't do this and i've not found a ftp program that will unzip. So i have unzipped Slate on my computer and ftp it over to the host.

So i'm considering uninstalling Concrete5 from the server to start over again. Hopefully, i'll be able to reinstall Slate clean. I'm not worried about losing the files i can easily recreate them. Actually, i could have rebulit it 10 times in the time spent already.

Is there any thing i should do or not do before starting over. I was going to unassign Slate before beginning.



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PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Reply
No, you don't need to re-install concrete. However, it sounds like you didn't upload the theme properly via ftp.

I use the method you described to upload any themes or addons. Here's how I do it:

1. Extract .zip file on my computer.
2. In FTP, I go to the "/packages" directory
3. Upload looks like this: "/packages/package_name/"

Where package_name is the name of the addon or theme I'm uploading.

Check your upload. Does yours look like this: "/packages/package_name/package_name"?

If so, it is incorrect, in which case you would need to upload the directory that contains the main controller.php file in it.

Also, you just might find this How-to very useful:

jhixson replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your replay!

Still no joy.

www.www.mywebsite.com/packages/theme_i... want_to_use/ is the upload.

There is a controller.php file included.

Under "add functionality" the theme shows as installed. But, if i go to Dashboard > themes it does not show up.

It is like the theme is there but there is no executable file or trigger to make it run.

I'm pulling what's left of my hair out :-)

I'm wide open for any other thoughts or suggestions


jasteele12 replied on at Permalink Reply
Sounds like a probable file permissions problem.

The normal route is to use the paid addon/theme support area, in this case:


If you still have problems with this send me a PM and I can look into if a manual install is possible.