Using Artisteer for C5 themes

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For those who don't know artisteer helps you design themes on your PC for popular platforms like Joomla and Drupal, blogger too If I recall correctly.

I wanted to use it to make one for my c5 website since I have limited c5 knowledge to make anything respectable by myself seems to be a challenge. Given C5's block system, inline editing I don't know if this is possible, can someone advise me on going about designing a new theme because that needs to be done for sure with artisteer or without. :)

I want to create a really great website but I just don't have the know how to do technical stuff and I'm a student so short on cash, so I would really appreciate anything that would help me design a professional looking website, looks intensive.

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Basically, you use the design software to design an html page with 'lorum-ipsum' etc just to fill in where you may want content. Then take that html page and replace the lorum-ipsum content with appropriate concrete5 areas. For a one-site theme it is a straight forward process. For an overview see.

The main gotcha is having all the right header and footer elements. Also make sure you use the standard area names (capitalisation is important). This makes it possible to swap themes without loosing content. Even on a one-site theme this is useful during upgrades. See

There are more videos on theme building on youtube.

If you want to turn it into a proper packaged up theme, then there are a lot more technical bits and pieces to consider. To get into details
JD46 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello John!

I've already watched that video thank you :)

Okay that sounds important I will remember that!

Personally I don't think I'm good at the technical stuff, even the artistic stuff I'd say from my website I'm poor at : / All the same I will keep trying to learn how to design a better website since I don't have any money to spend on buying anything.

Though I find something fundamentally different about how artisteer operates and so I've put off working on anything till I get some opinions here, this is open to everyone.

Question: Artisteer has very peculiar templating system where you can stylize individual pages instead of just design a default template for your website-like in C55. So how should I proceed? Additionally how would I create the themes for page types in artisteer?

I would love any suggestions on a way to progress from here, thank you! :D

I've started a new topic on creating templates for blocks because I find that lacking in my website, please care to have a look as that would be integral to improving my design.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Rather than continue with a design tool that may or may not have a c5 plugin, which will probably turn out templates that still need some manual adjustment (ie. coding php, html and css), why not simply go back to the c5 marketplace for a free or cheap theme and adjust the colour and fonts etc through the c5 dashboard.
JD46 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello john!

Hmm I have looked through the free themes and honestly didn't like
anything that much. But I think ill take opinions here because I'm not
a desugner and dont know the potential of a theme.

Do you have any in mind?

Also a small question I'd like to ask everyone, what colors come to
mind when you think about pets and animals?

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
The trick is to think of the potential a theme offers with a few tweaks, rather than to just look at the sample pics and colours.

As to which, look for one of the main c5 developers with a good reputation and marketplace presence and pick one of their free offerings.
JD46 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi john!

Well put, yes thats what I need to be able to envision, will work on it.



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adajad replied on at Permalink Reply
I would follow JohntheFish, but just so you know, there is a C5 plug-in for Artisteer in it's marketplace.
JD46 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello adajad

I've been looking for the plugin all afternoon and had no luck, the person who made it had threads where he talks about it but I can't find any link to the file.

Where exactly is the artisteer marketplace? :S
adajad replied on at Permalink Reply
I haven't used Artisteer for over four years, so my guess is as good as yours.

A simple google search gave me this though:
JD46 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hmm still no idea where that damn plug in is :@ The creator used to be active on C5, Kino, I believe.