Where do I put the bootstrap css file?

Hey all,

This had more to do with properly structuring my directory, I just finished reading Remo's amazing book Concrete5 for Beginners, In the book he wrote that you should just have the one file main.css

However every site I build I build using bootstrap which has bootstrap.css as well as bootstrap-responsive.css & main.css

Right now I have been stacking them one on top of the other so they cascade properly, is this the right way to do this or am Is it preferred to put literally everything in main.css using @import to grab the css files like in wordpress?

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ronyDdeveloper replied on at Permalink Reply
You have read a book called "Concrete5 for Beginners". Its surely for beginners & if you are using bootstrap, then we can assume that you are not a beginners. :)

Its up to you, that how many css is required to make the theme working. And absolutely the bootstrap has its own style, you cannot make all css in one single file. So just go ahead with multiple css. There are thousands of sites which has more than 1 css file.

jvansanten replied on at Permalink Reply
Whether you chain stylesheets or call all from your initial style sheet is a matter of taste. My preference would be for the latter, for the byproduct of documenting all in one place the stylesheets used in a project.

And, typically, one locates additional stylesheets in a CSS subfolder of the theme root.

Yes, Remo's book is an excellent intro for C5 developers!