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Working a Responsive theme - concrete5

Working a Responsive theme

This is my first attempt to create a Responsive website (in fact, it is my first attempt to use a pre-made theme -- my current site is a custom theme).

I installed the Casual responsive Package which was a surprise -- I did not expect a Package. So what have missed? What should I have read first?

Many thanks...


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AndyJ replied on at Permalink Reply
how about this:


the principle is the same for both 5.6 and 5.7.

A package is just the mechanism to make the theme portable and installable on different concrete5 installations.
rtcary replied on at Permalink Reply
So, I just go ahead and pick one of the pre-installed themes (or install one from the list of themes). What makes it responsive or do I need to find another another one?

Sorry for being so dense...

AndyJ replied on at Permalink Reply
apologies if I've misundersood your question.

Responsive means the columns in the page will automagically fold down for smaller screen sizes.

It will likely use media queries in the css to set breakpoints for different screen sizes such as mobile, table and desktop.

You can install any theme you like but be careful if you install a theme that offers a new 'starting point' and asks to remove your current content (if the site is already populated).

Some themes come with what are called starting points (exactly like the sample theme on a fresh install which has the various pages of sample content to flesh the site out for you).
AndyJ replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I just took a quick look at the marketplace page for the casual theme and it says it uses bootstrap + it does not have any starting points or functionality like that.
rtcary replied on at Permalink Reply
After the successful install if the Casual package, I do not see it listed as a theme; this is what confuses me: what does it do? How does it or would it interact with one of the themes already installed or one that I would install?

I did make a mistake by installing the demo version of Concrete5 with theme pre-installed (though I have removed all pages but the Home page -- cannot do that, of course).

Thank you for your patience...