Features in Welcome Page

Why is the Theme "FRESH" featured on the welcome page, when its live preview isnt working since February?

System Pages layout/structure all crowded to left hand side of page

Could somebody please explain why all of my system pages (Register, Welcome, Welcome Back and My Account) have picked up my theme (Clonemental) but all page content is crowded to the left hand side of the page and theme layout is skewed (see attached). …

Anitya Theme Misspellings

Not sure who to report to, but if you go to theme options for the Anitya theme, the button at the bottom with ? icon is spelled MISCALENOUS instead of MISCELLANEOUS Just wanted to make it know so it can get corrected.

are any complete or finished?

I have today installed several themes to test. I have only used free packages to control investment . None seem to have checked any features. I cannot remove any because I get an error that is from the system dashboard! "call_user_func_array() expect…

Installing Theme via "DOWN LOAD"

I recently installed concrete5 on my Godaddy account, attempted to install a theme using the 'download button" but the status bar never completes, no error message nada. I have Php 7.1 Concrete 8.1.0 Is there some edits I need to do to a config f…

After upgrade to 8.3.2 edit block issue

Hi After upgrade to 8.3.2 concrete5 when im trying to edit block i got this error on the edit block mode Argument 1 passed to Concrete\Core\Form\Service\Form::__construct() must be an instance of Concrete\Core\Application\Application, none given, c…

Stucco Theme

Hello everyone I try to change the Stucco Theme. (Live Demo: https://stucco.onside-lab.com/en) When you open the live demo there is written "stucco" on the first page. It has a transparent background and a white border. I'd like to delete those two th…

How can i split the blocks in to columns ?

Hi i would like to display 3 images in a row ,means 3 column. But by default there is no option to add column in concrete5. How can i achieve the same please help me!

How to make a product listing and a filtering option.

Hi i am using concrete 8.3.2 to build my website, now i want a page to display my products with a filtering option and no need for any eCommerce addon/plugin because i just want display products ? How can achieve this please anyone can help ?

new themes not working

how do i login to this everytime i try it gives me error messages clicked on link to reset 1 time the link went to a reset page and i put in new password still doesnt work really struggling to login very silly login procedure doesnt work

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