Can't change the basic text colour HELP!!!

Hi: I'm trying to develop my site in Concrete and I'm MEGA frustrated that I can't seem to change the most basic of things. Here, the P tag (in HTML, I started HTML in 1995, sorry, I'm old) is the wrong colour. OF C…

Custom Fonts

I have made a theme and it's all working fine so far but for the last few months been stuck on this I'm wanting to add a couple custom Fonts into it to use the site I have read everything I can but still, don't understand how to do it, Like here https…

Purchased theme. Where is it?

I purchased a theme, and have the paypal receipt. Concrete5 has no record of the purchase. What's going on?

My Theme breaks the Page Setting bar functions.

Im working on v7+ My themes javascript breaks the Page Settings panel functions. Is there a function I can use to test if the Pages settings panel is open, so that I can remove my javascript for that part. Ive tried inEditMode and isLoggedIn, as…

Reusable Content

I just downloaded version 8.1 and am trying to create a theme. Everything is going very well except try as I may I cannot include reusable content such as header and footer. Any time I try to use $view->inc I do not get any errors but the content does not…

Custom Gallery

Hello there, I am working with solid ground. The custom gallery doesn't work on safari. What can I do?

Anitya Theme

I just purchased and installed the Anitya theme. The live demo looks very nice. I've been using Elemental and Fundamental, but Anitya caught my attention with the nice scrolling and fading features. Now that I've installed it and started to build a p…

Solid Ground Subgroup

Hello. Is there a possibility to make subgroup in the categories? (See example attached image). Where?

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