Hi all, I use this thema: '' '', for my Concrete5 8.5.1. But how how and where can I add this meta's? :::

installing a theme onto website

How do I install a theme i have purchased onto my website. It is in my project. but dont know how to get it from their to my site.

Start again?

Very, VERY new to web design, lol Installed Pixel theme and tried to create an under construction page while I play and learn in the background. Not only did I 'not' achieve that - I managed to delete the header navigation and the base from all pages. I …

$ error in jquery

Hi, I am developing a new website by using the template as I am facing $ error in jquery please suggest me for this problem.

Editing Global Areas in Fundamental theme

Hello, I bought yesterday the Fundamental theme with the sole intention of recreating my successful trilingual website (built with the free Elemental theme) so that it is fully responsive. Unfortunately, after designing the site navigation menu and …

NEAT - Sidewide Header issues

HELP! Total non-techie and I've made a mess of my page trying to insert my new logo How do I reset it so the top isn't so big of a space anymore????

Transferring Color Scheme Between Sites

Good afternoon, I have developed a color scheme I particularly like for the Stucco theme. Its basically all color removed, just a simple white theme, except for the global nav and such. I need to use this same theme on another site I am making, and …

Custom Template in package

I'm building my theme using a package and have a custom autonav inside of my theme in blocks. I can add a new autoblock ok and assign the custom template to the block and it displays fine. However I want to hardcode my autonav but it won't attach or re…

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