Bootstrap 4 theme support

Hi, I am new to Concrete 5, and really would like to build a long term relationship. as it has such nice feature set. I am having a challenge using the front-end editors/blocks/etc. with Bootstrap 4 themes. eg can't select an image in file manager. …

Error with file manager on v8.5.x

Hi, When trying to add an image via the image block, it fires this error in the js console: Cannot read property 'top' of undefined. I am new to Concrete 5, and trying to add apply a bootstrap 4 theme. Any ideas?

Marketplace Says We're Invalid

We are exploring our options and would like to look at using another theme. Even the free ones present an "invalid" message when we click on them.

Custom My Account Page

Hi Folks I want to style up the "My Account" Page in version 8, I have found the right php files for avatar, edit profile and messages under concrete/single_pages/account but these just seem to be includes for a larger page... Can anyone tell me whe…

Calling js function in my theme with custom block?

I have just started using C5 in the process of rebuilding a web presence for a non profit. Currently, they are using Drupal. I am using a marketplace theme (lazy5basic) that has smooth scrolling functionality. How can I call on these functions without…

Google Fonts for Stucco Theme

I want to replace the fonts that come with the Stucco theme with two Google fonts and have tried various methods, but nothing has worked. The route I thought was most likely to work was to host the fonts on my own server and then using the Custom CSS c…

Templates & Pages

Hi Everyone I'm back with concrete5 after a 3 year gap and now it's just for my own personal use as I'm now retired. Always happy pre-5.7 with pages and their files in the theme directory, NOW I'm confused as to how pages and templates link and what t…

Alle In One / Everything one 1 page

What is the best/newest free All In One Theme for Concrete5 8.5.1? And what is the best/newest paid All In One Theme for Concrete5 8.5.1? With a All In One Theme, I mean everything one 1 page.


Hi all, I use this thema: '' '', for my Concrete5 8.5.1. But how how and where can I add this meta's? :::

installing a theme onto website

How do I install a theme i have purchased onto my website. It is in my project. but dont know how to get it from their to my site.

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