GENESIS THEME Countable Errors Fix

This error is being caused by a pagelist template. If you look at: packages > c5box_genesis > blocks > page_list > templates > c5box_plist_4col_carousel > view.php you will find on line 16 this code... [code] [/code] Change it to thi…

Announcement: Theme Supermint and php7

Hi there, Just wanted to let everybody know that I have forked theme supermint on Github and have begun adding some changes to make it compatible with php7. I want to use the theme on a website that I am currently building. So it would be nice to have …

Problems with changing color

Hi there, I'm want to change the pages of my Modena theme. But when I want to change the color of the header into black, the next message shows up: "count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable" Thanks, Joni

Editing footers - how?

Hi all I've been asked to help a friend edit a site. I work in IT but I haven't done anything web-related for a long time and I've never used Concrete5 before. The site runs version and is running a theme called Alpha. We can edit the pag…

Many troubles have occurred since purchasing the theme Salix.

I bought a theme called Salix and installed it in concrete5 8.5.2, but it didn't respond because I couldn't add a glock to the "Logo area of the entire empty site". The site name in the text will also overlap on the mobile display and the display will col…


I am trying and failing to align text to the right in default elemental theme with the clonemental theme.. specifically alight the right from right to left in the image_slider block.

Problem with mobile navigation background

Hi! I'm new to the whole concrete5 system. I have big problem with mobile navigation background on mobile. I'm using same theme on browser and mobile, but changing elemental theme options on browser, doesn't seem to affect mobile theme navigation at al…

Page Version 23 Submitted for Approval

I am continuously having this message, and already deleted all other pages, and already using page version 30, still having this message which I could not get rid of. Changed the template, refresh the content, and is there. Please help! Regards,

Need to change default header

Hi I need to make a bottom border on the header of the elemental theme. It needs to be 30 px wide and blue in color. I am relatively new to this and would appreciate any help. thanks Patrick

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