Chrome and FireFox differences

Hi all, I have a very minimal site ( that I'm trying to set up as a simple photo gallery site. I've been playing with "layouts" and thought I finally had what I wanted. I then went to compare the site on Chrome, FF and Edge and ios (ip…

Supermint-3 License change consideration

I noticed that Supermint 3 is listed in the theme store as free and stored on Github by the original maintainer at The Github LICENSE file refers to the concrete5 standard "Commercial Add on License" T…

Hrader and Footer in Neat

Hi, the header bar and footer bar in the Neat Theme are a bit taller than I would like. Does anybody know how to make them smaller?

Colour of drop down menu for mobiles

Hi, we are using "Neat" as the main theme for our web site but when it translates to mobile the 4 bar drop down icon for mobiles is a weak grey colour and is difficult to see on a mobile. Does anybody know how to change the colour of the icon?

Best theme for smartphones

Have a website, need to know the easiest theme for viewing on phone. I am a noob and right now our website looks ok but when I check it out on my phone it shows me the first time I edited the website and it looks pretty bad. Any ideas would help.

Supermint Error: Call to a member function getPackageHandle() on null

Whenever I attempt to remove Supermint from my themes and revert back to elemental it bricks my entire website and everything returns the error: Call to a member function getPackageHandle() on null This is becoming increasingly frustrating and any f…

RSS Feed

Hello! I am using the Genesis theme. I am attempting to use a RSS feed block to feed the "picture of the day" from Wikipedia Commons. I added the URL link and the picture title & description show up in the feed....but the photo does not. Any help woul…

Making pages a bit wider in Stucco Theme

Hi there, I'm pretty new at CSS and Concrete5 but I'd like to make the pages a little bit wider in the Stucco Theme and change the templates used to be less business orientated. If possible I'd like to turn the job application section into a list of perma…

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