Site Wide Header Editing Problem

Hi Everyone, I was adding a Facebook square button to the site wide header and with a few words so it read "Like Us on Facebook" however I spelt facebook wrong. I deleted the block to correct the spelling error and move the icon to a different block to…

Add recaptcha

Hi, I've never used Concrete, but I need to put "recaptcha" to the form of a website. My current version is 8.3.2 What is the procedure to add recaptcha to my form? I have tried to search for information but I have not been able to add it.

No Save / Cancel button in WYSIWYG editor

This is a strange one. The person who updates the website reported this issue but I am unable to recreate. In edit mode, there are no Save / Cancel buttons (see photo). There are errors in the Chrome developer console. (see photo). Prior to trouble…

Pulling images in RSS feed

Using Concrete5 version 8x. Is there a way to pull thumbnail images for posts with the rss feed block. Came across some solutions in the old post but those were for version 5.6

Vivid Thumb Gallery blocks editing and adding of any page

Hi guys, after years of smooth working a former client calls me that there is a problem with his website. He wont receive messages via the Contact Form anymore, although users get positive feedback that a message has been sent. Turns out that an Add…

Are there constants that I can use in HTML Element?

I have an HTML box and I use images there. Is it possible to put constants related with page or template information? For ecample: TEMPLATE_PATH DOMAIN FULL_DOMAIN vs. those constants would be really nice. thanks

AutoNavigation - Parentlink doesn't work

Hey, I have the following navigation tree: Home Location --Gallery Contact I can navigate to Home, Gallery and Contact. Whenever I click on Location nothing happens. Can someone help me? Thanks a lot.

Creating an event w/ProEvent

It's been a while since I created an event and I'm having trouble. I created it and it appeared in my cal on my homepage but it isn't pointing to the ticking site.

Cannot longer put in stacks on my page

Hi. I can not longer put in stacks on my page. I have added many stacksto sides on my page before - But now i clik ad blocks in a layout, and choose stacks, and the stack i want to add - nothing happens i use 8.4.4

Random hero header image on refresh

My goal here is to have a page randomly pick a hero header image on refresh from a set of, let's say, 5 images. I also want to have the ability to add a common caption for all images. The caption should be horizontally and vertically centered in the image…

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