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Hey all,

I just wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone else echoed the same frustrations...

I was using Concrete 5.5.1 and loved the Picnik image editor. I noticed that they were closing down, so I upgraded to 5.5.2 to get the built in image editor, and I must say that it just doesn't seem to be as user-friendly. For example, with Picnik it was very easy for me to upload a raw image file that was either emailed to me from a client or that came off of my digital camera. I could then resize the image to the exact width that I wanted, then even crop it down to the exact size I wanted. (see attached image)

However, now with the built in editor in 5.5.2, if you upload a large file and want to crop / resize, it just seems to be a MUCH bigger chore leading me to use an outside image editor before importing it into Concrete5. I see this as an unfortunate downgrade seeing as how it was SO easy for users to edit photos before and didn't ever have to leave Concrete to do so.

I don't know... am I alone in these thoughts? Maybe I just need to see some video of a real master using the new image editor so that I know what I'm doing.

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gloglo replied on at Permalink Reply
This is a bit out of the subject but I found using the Content block and add an Image inside instead of using the Image block permits a draggable resize, which was much faster than picnik.
However, it doesn't offer other editing possibilities.
Hope this helps
julehti replied on at Permalink Reply
I fully agree with richgable's judgement. 5.5.2 Image Editor is not very pleasant for a layman. If the original image is a huge one (e.g. 5000x3500 px), it is very painful to create 800 pixel wide image for full page or 150 pixel wide for front page, it is fast impossible task. Moving a picture frame an zooming are too hard.

I used under Concrete 5.5.1 Jordan Lev's beta stage tool Image Cropper (https://github.com/jordanlev/c5_image_cropper) which was very easy to use also for people, who hardly know what is jpg or png. If the Image Cropper only a) could save the file title properly, b) if the user need not to reopen File Manager and c) if the edited file could be saved with unique file name (e.g. from original MyImage001.jpg to edited MyImage001_240x360.jpg), the Image Cropper would be perfect. Image rotation is not needed at all, I think. I have to take away 5.5.2 Image Editor and still use Jordan's Image Cropper. Ordinary people can not use the first one at all, sadly.

My faint suggestion: Image Cropper with few improvements could be a very good Concrete5's default image editor. I'm not so good at Java Script, that I could do nothing but help in testing, but I think others are much more skilful in this respect.
WebStudioEast replied on at Permalink Reply
I agree that the new editor is unusable. Unless it just doesn't work in my browser (safari).

Try to take a high res image off of a digital camera and crop/scale it to a set size. It's impossible.

Not sure, with so many better options out there, how we ended up with that. I would at least like to see somewhere where dimensions could be typed in.
richgable replied on at Permalink Reply
My thoughts exactly... Even if there was a way to use Aviary, or something similar. For me this is a big enough drawback to look for a different CMS. This is a pretty basic feature IMO and the brings the usability factor down greatly.
Ekko replied on at Permalink Reply
I myself have never used the editors picnik or otherwise within c5. I think the majority of builders either have snag-it or photoshop, and the in system editor is just for clients. Since most clients call for image additions anyway the in system editor sees virtually zero use.

I also just checked to make sure, and none of the other cms have an inbound editor. Not wordpress, not drupal, not joomla. If you know of one that does I would love to know what it is, as right now its only C5 that has this feature.

Either way consider investing in a semi professional, or professional editor. Snag-it which is a poormans Photo shop, and includes flash builders is only $60 dollars, and if you google snagit coupon code than the costs should come down to $40 or less. You will thank yourself later.

Your other option is to integrate your favourite online image program by altering the package contents of the existing editor. There should only be a minimal amount of lines to change.

Changing CMS because of an image editor, when others don't have it as a feature just doesn't seem to be a wise choice.
richgable replied on at Permalink Reply
I had used lightCMS in the past and, yes MY clients actually do the uploading of raw images from their digital cameras. Yes, I looked at other CMS's that did not have this feature built I. But selected C5 because of many reasons INCLUDING the inline image editor, and now that's gone. It will be a little tougher sell to my clients. I guess we just have a different client base.
cryophallion replied on at Permalink Reply
Ekko's key phrase is builders here I think.

I also work with a lot of people who don't have photoshop, and sure as heck won't learn gimp. I'm seen people open up things in paint on windows before, which just causes me to die a little inside. Not to mention my current client takes a ton of pix with his very high end digital camera. I shudder to see him create a slideshow.

There are a ton of good plugins for jquery out there for cropping. I implemented jcrop in my old cms, and it worked rather well. I wonder why piknik was chosen?
Ekko replied on at Permalink Reply
I can understand that, completely, and there is a way to make it very simple for types of sites that have direct camera upload needs, that you are going to love.

Now I think they have integrated an easier way to do this in newer versions, so you may want to ask, but you can use image magick to automatically resize pictures to whatever size you wish on upload.


Use that link, and find my post on the breakdown of how to implement. It should be a quickish process, and the end result is that you can upload images straight out of digital cameras in single and multi uploads and don't have to worry about anything. Thumbnail gets always created, Upload never seems to be stuck and they don't have to fight with over sized images as you set the uploaded images max size for example 800x600.

That should solve some of your problems, and the aviary add on for 25 will help unless you edit the current for your preferred image editor.

Sorry to jump the gun, but it felt to me that you were harshly judging a great system based on a single aspect. My apologies as I understand what a burden this can be for a site revolving around user uploads. If you want to see a live example and have code snippets sent for reference I can do that too, however it would be best to check first if the newer versions have included an easy method.
richgable replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks much. My intent for this post was not to complain, but to find a good alternative. This should be do well. Thanks again.
cryophallion replied on at Permalink Reply
I can't speak for the parent here, but:
a. thanks for the link. It makes a lot of sense. However, the one concern I have is that sometimes they are uploading page backgrounds. So you can't win sometimes. Thanks for taking the time to present that again.

b. Having auto-generated thumbs anyway is a nice feature that C5 already implements (I believe at 100x100 and 250x250).

c. I think the bigger issue is that of a regression in functionality. Yes, it's alone in major cms's to have it, but when it stops working as easily as it used to, it should be expected that people will not be satisfied.

d. Dissatisfaction is ok. It means you are working with impassioned individuals, who care about the tools they use. And sometimes, they may offer alternatives because of issues you didn't think of. That's good dialog, and it's a very good thing.

e. I prefer gimp personally, and it's free (and fast). I think paint.net will do it too, and perhaps picasa. Certainly no need to throw money at photoshop (or the horribly crippled photoshop elements)

Again, thanks for taking the time to clarify.
Ekko replied on at Permalink Reply
When you want to upload a larger image just change the setting, or upload direct by ftp, and than use add incoming in file manager. If your clients are not comfortable with ftp than teach them to use the cpanel file manager that will work the same way.

As to the auto generated thumbs, they do always get created unless your implementing GL hacks to achieve the same upload resizing in system, and in that case they did not auto generate any longer, as well as had issues in multi upload. The thread also details these issues, and the several ways the above was tried.\

The choice is either edit every image beforehand, edit every image afterwards in editor, or taking an extra step for backgrounds. I also don't know of any cms that has a built in or add-on option for direct upload re-sizing, so I am not sure that you have any other options.
jbarr replied on at Permalink Reply
Interesting topic. I'm very VERY new to Concrete5, but not to CMS software (have used WordPress, Joomla, PHP-Nuke, etc.)

Anyone else think that Pixlr.com's editor would be great to integrate into something like Concrete5? Upload a file to Concrete5, send it to Pixlr.com/editor for editing, and then save back to Concrete5?
mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm sure it's been considered, and you make a good suggestion, but from following this I get the impression it's about wanting to remove dependancy on a third party.

If Pixlr.com is integrated into concrete5, and then they decide to shut down too, the problem/headache just keeps repeating.

I do agree the new in-built editor is lacking a bit, but I'm sure it will be improved over time. I'm personally trying to put more effort into to developing my sites with things in place to auto-resize image, so that there really isn't ever a need to use the built in editor.
djes replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply 1 Attachment
To use Picmonkey now instead of Picnik, put the attached file (image.php) in /elements/files/edit/ (not in /concrete/elements/files/edit/)
snobo replied on at Permalink Reply
Wow, thanks a million! I'm still considering C5 as one of the top contenders for my new CMS, and was sad to see Picnik go (it seemed like a very important feature knowing my content managers). You just restored my faith in C5 and showed me another power example of extending it. Cool!
snobo replied on at Permalink Reply
It seems this solution no longer works in (I presume this has to do with version change, as I used it with some of the 5.5.x versions and it worked like a charm). Just tried it and Picmonkey fails to load with errors (written to the console):

PicMonkey: Error: unable to read csrftoken
PicMonkey Error: Editor/InitTimeout 0

Does anyone have a clue how to fix it?
djes replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Corrected for Concrete 5.6
This image editor replacement is using PicMonkey instead of Picnik. Unzip the attached file in order to have \elements\files\edit\image.php
snobo replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you so much for help again and quick response!
Moriaan replied on at Permalink Reply
mhmm... this doesn't work for me. I'm using an I put the file in \elements\files\edit\
but nothing changed. I still see this old image editor...

What could be wrong? In another project ( I installed the picmonkey-file and it worked instantly...
djes replied on at Permalink Reply
Try to delete /elements/files/edit/image.php first, be sure that it's deleted, and re-upload.
Please also try with file permissions 750 or 755 or 777.
Moriaan replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for your response, but this is still not working :-(
I deleted the whole directory /elements (with all its content), then I re-uploaded it again. /elements and all it's sub-directories are on 777 now.
But the old image editor is still the same. Also there are no errors, while loading it.

By the way, is it correct, that the only way to open the image editor is via Dashboard > File manager > then choosing a file and click "Edit". Or is there another way to check, if the PicMonkey is working?
djes replied on at Permalink Reply
Really strange ! Please locate your concrete directory, in "/concrete" or in "/updates/your concrete version/concrete", then locate and rename "elements/files/edit/image.php" to "image.php.old". Upload the new "image.php" there and test.
Moriaan replied on at Permalink Reply
YES! That was actually a very good idea and it works! Why the other path didn't work... I have no idea.

Thank you very much !!!
djes replied on at Permalink Reply
It's not a good idea to alter the original concrete directory. When updating, you'll encounter problems, I hope you'll locate why the normal method doesn't work.
msd replied on at Permalink Reply
This solution used to work perfectly....but today I tried to edit an image and when I tried to save it from picmonkey back to my site I got a Page not found error. I have not changed anything on the site since this last worked for me. Any ideas on what's happening here and how to fix it?

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djes replied on at Permalink Reply
I've created a small package to replace Picnik with PicMonkey:http://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/picmonkey-image-editor/...
msd replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
I've replaced the built-in edit function with picmonkey, and the solution used to work perfectly....but now when I try to edit an image and save from picmonkey back to my site I get a "Page Not Found" message. I have not changed anything on the site since this last worked for me. Any ideas on what's happening here and how to fix it? My client is really unhappy they can't edit images anymore!

my image.php file is attached for reference.

djes replied on at Permalink Reply
If you have updated Concrete5, some methods have changed (see below). You may have use my package or the updated file I attached above.

if (!$fp->canEditFileContents()) {

instead of
if (!$fp->canWrite()) {
Moriaan replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi djes,

I want to thank you again for your package! It works very good.

djes replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you :)
mdzoidberg replied on at Permalink Reply
I just downloaded your image editor package, great work, works perfect, thank you.