8.0.3: Workflow notifications not showing in "Waiting For Me"

With the exception of the Admin user, workflow notifications don't seem to be arriving in "Waiting For Me" (/dashboard/welcome/me). They do show up as an alert on the actual page pending approval/denial.

When I repeat the same thing with, the notifications *are* showing up (under /dashboard/workflow/me)

Anyone else seeing this?

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oimel replied on at Permalink Reply
although this is half an year ago, I have the same problem with concrete 8.1 and 8.2. Did you find a solution?
drumrby replied on at Permalink Reply
I know this was over a year ago and the latest response was 6 months ago, but I am having the same issue as well. Would be interested to see if you made any progress on this.
JackVanson replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Guys
I too am having the same issue. the Workflow notifications emails don't seem to be sent ever.

I am on 8.3.1

drumrby replied on at Permalink Reply
I have done some more tweaking to try and narrow down what the issue is. For me, items only show up in "Waiting For Me" if the user is a member of the Administrators group. My site has several levels of permissions, so I need groups other than the Administrators group to have access to this information.

I feel like the issue lies in needing to grant permissions in some obscure place.
JackVanson replied on at Permalink Reply
Odd i can't get it to show for the Administrators.

Something is missing. Or a bug in C5
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey all. Sorry for the miscommunication on this. The issue here is one of documentation. You’re going to want to go into the dashboard system and settings and find Notification Settings page. It’s deep in there.

Here you can see the settings for which users and groups get notifications in waiting for me, and for which categories. By default it’s just the admin user and the administrator group, but if you have new groups or users you want to use waiting for me you’ll have to add them to this list.

Hope this helps!
JackVanson replied on at Permalink Reply
Please can someone help me?? I have the same issue but the solution above isn't working for me.

I have a workflow setup once a new page is approved any user who then heads back into the page and makes a change, bypass the workflow all together. They get a the save button in composer not submit to workflow.

The page is then left pending no one gets a notification saying there is a pending approval. Even when the Notification Settings are all setup.

How can the workflow work fine for creating a new page but not for changes?
What am I missing?
Any ideas guys?

C5 Version 8.3.2
JackVanson replied on at Permalink Reply
Anyone able to help me out?
drumrby replied on at Permalink Reply
At what point is your workflow assigned to?
JackVanson replied on at Permalink Reply
It's assigned to the page permission "Approve Changes".
mmsd replied on at Permalink Reply
Is there any more to this? I'm on version 8.4.2. I have created a simple workflow and added users to receive notifications in the Notification Settings in the Dashboard. Continued testing still does not produce notifications when editing a page. Any tips?