A Noob's intro to queueing automated jobs?


I am trying to understand queuing automated jobs. I have read through the documentation for queuing and have attempted twice to get queuing to work.

I have entered something like this in my cron jobs:
0 9 * * *https://www.my.site/scriptpath&jID=1...
0,5 * * * *https://www.my.site/acriptpath/check_queue?auth=myauthcode...

My interpretation of the way queuing working is that I set the jobs I want done, and then initiate the queue in the second line so that is searches for jobs to run.

Am I doing the wrong? Is there a good place to learn queuing (not the details of create scripts, but implementing cron jobs for queuing)?


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bayleafmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
Maybe my forum title is not good, but does anyone have experience with cron and C5 that could give a pointer or two? My links seem to be formatted correctly, I've redone this several times, my hosting provider sees no issue, but it is as if nothing at all is running.

I am installed into a subdirectory that is hidden from the end user, could that be causing issue?
Do I need insert the subdirectory into the link even though C5 does not provide that directory into the automated job link?
Is there a way in C5 to troubleshoot automated jobs when there are no cron errors on the host, and when I am not receiving errors when I run them manually?

hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
I've always had to use wget, something like this

0    0    *    *    *    wget "https://www.my.site/ccm/system/jobs?auth=myauthcode"
bayleafmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks. adding wget to my cron job worked.