Add a left side menu to a specific page

Hi there,
I am a new bee in Concrete5 and I need some help with adding a left side menu.
I have one page with a lot of content that I want to group under categories. Each category will be part of the different sections of the left side menu.

E.g.: Say you have a page called Media Centre in which you have: press releases, brochures, newsletters, pictures, etc.

What solution would it be the best one to create/add the left side menu?

Thanks in advance!!!

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argvader replied on at Permalink Reply

I am not sure about the theme you are using but if there is an area on the left side for blocks you can use the autonav block.

It has several configuration options and you can preview the menu to make sure the links you want are included.
Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
Good Morning,
Concrete has a "Layout" feature when in edit mode. To add a single instance of a new column or sidebar, select "add to main" and choose "add layout" instead of adding a block. You will then be presented with a window that allows you to select the number of columns, rows, padding etc. Go ahead and choose 2 columns and click "create layout"... you'll note the column width is manually adjustable to suit your needs.
It's a handy/quick fix for a one time modification.
aquatt replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Hi both,
Adreco's solution has perfectly worked out. Thanks a million! However, tow issues:

1.I'd like to make it nicer and cannot find the css for the layout.
2.I'd prefer that when the user clicks on any category it opens within the section media centre and not in a different one.
All those categories have their own page.
What have I done wrong?
Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
I may be misunderstanding your needs but I believe this will help.
Once the "Layout" has been published, you can then select "Design" instead of "Add Block" to format the column to your needs.
Also, Tony has an add-on in the marketplace that may achieve what your trying to do ( I haven't personally tried this but one of the Showcase examples ( )looks like it uses it with good results)
aquatt replied on at Permalink Reply
Your showcase example (wyoming-cooperative) is what I am looking for!

I have tried to set it with the design option, but I don't know why it doesn't work well in my system, since when I click on it, it automatically moves to the section "size" and it's not possible to access to the whole design panel with its options. Please find attached an example.

So, by "Size" I have input normal and hudge values but it has no effect on it.

So, I have gone for a auto-nav which displays the categories (new pages) but I cannot set it in order to be opened in the same page (Media Centre) as your showcase example does.

Any suggestion? Thanks in advance for anything! I really appreciate it.
argvader replied on at Permalink Reply
Great point about the Layout feature..

I believe its an under advertised feature.