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I'm playing around with a theme that has a main content area and a sidebar area, subbed into sidebar1 and sidebar2. I want to add a sidebar 3, not just a third block, but a third container for that block. Any idea how this is done?

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pixelfish replied on at Permalink Reply
Read this help file about create templates: about half way down you will find:

<? $a = new Area('Introduction'); $a->display($c); ?>

This creates a new area.
fowlesp replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for this I've been trying to understand this piece of the puzzle for a while.

But it does raise a new question: is there a recommended (or defined) list of Area Names?

The problem I see (and I hope someone will correct me) relates to re-theming a site. If the theme create can create areas with any names ("Main", "main", "mAin" then does the site user (content author) run the risk of loosing content?
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
Standard list:
Header Nav

those are the standard ones, area names are case sensitive, so
Main != main
fowlesp replied on at Permalink Reply

So say I purchase (receive, or make) a Theme with other Areas. How do I link my existing blocks to them (the new areas in the new theme)?

(assuming of-course that I'm _not_ going to work through the theme renaming the areas...)