Add Font-Sizes to drop down list in TinyMCE

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I have a client that would like to have more font-sizes available to select from in the content editor. I have been using the 'Advanced' editor. Can I add font sizes to its drop list? If so, how?


Update.... In case I am not being clear, I need to add font-sizes to the font-size drop down list. Can I edit and where can I edit the code behind of the TinyMCE to add more font-sizes? It seems to be limited to 7 sizes.

Thanks again.

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PatrickCassidy replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes. You can specify the styles in a CSS document and save the file as typography.css in the theme folder of your site.


.grey_text{color:#4D4D4D; font-size:18px;}

You could change the font size to what ever you like, or any other options such as font type, decoration etc.

If you're no sure on CSS, go check out will give you some explanation on this.

They should appear in the text editor in the styles drop down after saving the typography.css file in the theme folder.
RyGy11 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the reply Patrick, but I am not looking to add styles... although it is an option. I am looking to add more font-sizes to the font-size drop down list, not the styles drop down list.

Is it possible to edit the TinyMCE so more font-size options are available in the drop down list?

If not, well, I guess I just need to add to my typography.css.

tylertyphoon replied on at Permalink Reply
In the custom field in the settings there should be a line that says
theme_concrete_font_sizes : "1,2,3,4,5,6,7",

I'm not sure if it's limited to seven or not - something you may try on your end - but I use the following code. I'm sure you could use em sizes as well. I'm only using five because that's all I need.
theme_concrete_font_sizes : "10px,12px,14px,16px,22px",

I hope this works for you!