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I want to add paypal buttons to the shop page of my site. Paypal offer the buttons for free but you have to paste the coding into the page and I don't know how. Is it as simple as creating an HTML block and pasting the code there?

While I'm at it, is there a good coding tutorial you can recommend?

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wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
It is as simple as using the html block.

1. Add the html block
2. Insert your code to the html block
3. Publish

What kind of coding tutorial do need? What are you trying to accomplish?
hbenagh replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Wagdi,
Thanks for the info. In regard to coding, I really am just interested in the basics - enough to enable me to make a few changes now and then. I'm intrigued by the options available to someone with a bit of coding knowledge. For instance, I can set up a paypal button easily enough, but a more advanced version which adds the customer's shipping address (something I thought was essential) as well as a facility for customer instructions, requires coding knowledge.

At the moment I don't even know how to view the coding for the various blocks, but maybe that's not a bad thing for now.

H Benagh
wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
As John said, there are add-ons that do this for you.

Another one for the list- - I haven't used it myself but it seems that you can achieve the form functionality you were looking for with this add-on.

If you want to code it in, try having a look at the options available at the 'Paypal Integration Center' -

This is probably what you're looking for-

Here you'll find "HTML Form Basics for Website Payments Standard"-

Hope that helps.

Now if you're looking to test your paypal account, I now accept paypal donations at (!) A cheeky plug! ;)
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
As Wagdi said, straightforward. If you want it even easier, there are a couple of addons that do it for you.