Add php to a block

Hi there,

I want to add some custom php to a page.. how can i add it whist in edit mode (obv i cant use html block) i found this and downloaded it, but it doesn't appear on my 'add functionality list'?

I am running on version, the add on says it works with version 5.3+.

Also, I can find the add on in the market place, but not through the dashboard on my site...strange?!

Any help would be appreciated.

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
I tried the php block on 5.5.2 and it installs correctly. There's really nothing in that block that would make it not work with any version of concrete5, it is a simplistic 2 line long code add-on (reaaaally useful though, the genius of simplicity I suppose)

Are you sure you put it in the packages folder correctly?

It should be in the folder packages (not concrete/packages)

the folder structure should be:

in packages\nd_php_package you have:
- controller.php
- icon.png
in packages\nd_php_package\blocks\nd_php you have:
- add.php
- edit.php
- form_setup_html.php
- controller.php
- view.php
- auto.js
- db.xml
- icon.png
in packages\nd_php_package\blocks\nd_php\languages\fr_FR\LC_MESSAGES you have:
- messages.po

As for the search function, I agree with you. I have this problem very often. Actually I don't know if it's a coincidence or what but the add-on search within Concrete5's dashboard seems to bring up almost only paid add-ons and very little free add-ons
Example: I search for "social"
- in the dashboard: 26 results, 19 paid and 7 free
- on 31 results, 20 paid and 11 free

And yes I'm partial because my add-on Social Icons Reloaded ( SHAMELESS PLUG :) doesn't appear in the dashboard

Good luck
sunraySte replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi mnakalay, I've sorted it now.