adding 301 redirect for old (html) site in concrete5

hi there

we've had our old html site re-built in concrete and we'd like to set up 301 redirects for all the old urls as we've lost a lot of our traffic, can someone tell us how to do it?

thank you!

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Thanks - i've not used the htaccess file before...

can you tell me where to add it ? At the top of all the rest of the text in the file?


Redirect 301 /city-breaks.html
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
.htacces will normally be a file by itself in your web root. If you have enabled pretty urls, c5 will already have created it for you. It contains instructions to the web server (Apache) on how to show your site to browsers.

Because it starts with a '.' it may not be immediately visible, it all depends on your server settings and host. Normally you would download it with ftp, edit it, then upload the edited version.

If you do some googling, you should find an online .htaccess creator that will write rules for you so you just have to cut and paste. There are also likely validators that will check what you have created.