Adding a spacer after every block

So I'm extremely new to Concrete5. Found it yesterday, in fact. Although out of the box I'm hooked. I'll save you all my hours of praise for the CMS which is too good to be true.

My problem: I wish to have a spacer inserted between blocks in my content areas. This way I get a horizontal linear delimiter between obviously unrelated parts of the page despite being in the same column.

I'm skilled with PHP and not afraid to do anything tricky, so if anyone knows how to do this, please help me =)

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frz replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
In tinyMCE (the content block) there is a horizontal line, that will give you a HR tag which is a nice little line..

There's also a spacer block that's free in the marketplace that will just give you some whitespace.
stevendesu replied on at Permalink Reply
I actually was just considering using a block. I'll look into the spacer block on the marketplace to see if it's easier (I was going to do a blank content block and apply a class to it)

Someone else also suggested the setBlockWrapperStart/End functions on IRC, although when I found out about the Design tab I figured it was too much work when I could make spacer blocks. =P