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I don't know anything pretty much about we design so even the most basic things are difficult for me. I was playing around with the auto nav and i finally got it to list my pages like I wanted but then it deleted a tab for home. so now the only way to get back to my main home screen is by clicking 'my site' at the top of the page. I want 'home' to be in the autonav so its a simple option to return back to the home screen.

any help would be great! Thanks!!!

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TheRealSean replied on at Permalink Reply
I believe there is a custom template called "Header Nav" that will display the home page.

If you are happy editing the code then you could edit the files themselves.
hostco replied on at Permalink Reply
Go to your site map.

Click on the home page and click properties

In the pop up click "add external link"

For name put "Home"

For the URL put the URL to your home page and make sure to include http://

Click add

Now drag the new external link to the top of the site map right under home.

Last you need to make sure the home page itself does not display in any other navs such as the side bar nav.

To do this click on the home page in the sitemap and select properties.

Now under custom attributes add "exclude from nav"

enable it by checking the check box next to it and click save.

This will prevent the name "Home" from displaying twice in any other navs.

All done.
lapietra replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks so much!!
hostco replied on at Permalink Reply
No problem :)