Adding Text on top of an image. Is this possible?

I'm trying to add text on top of images on my site. I have tried playing about with the image editor , but I can't find a way to overlay a bit of text on top of a photograph.
Is there a way to do this? Maybe I need to buy an extra plug-in?
I'm using a standard "Tiger" theme.
Perhaps I need to do this on my PC before I upload the pictures to my site? That would be a pain because I've already re-sized and cropped all the pictures I need, and uploaded them to my file manager.

The main reason I want this is because I have a couple of images that provide internal site links but I'd like to make this more obvious by having a bit of text embedded in the picture. I realise I could simply add a title below the pic, but that would be less elegant.

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enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
An easy option, designing from the front end, is to add an html block below the image. Design it up with some text how you'd like it and experiment with some negative top margin to pull it up in front of the image. Hopefully this helps!!
wulbert replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Enlil,
I han't thought of that. I'll give it a try.