Admin lost ability to set permissions for global areas/blocks after upgrading to

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On my site, I've set up two global areas holding header and footer navigation. Having advanced permissions on, I set the permissions so that members of Content Managers user group have no edit access to these areas.

After upgrading to, this access separation is intact. But... Administrators suddenly lost an ability to set permissions for these global areas (or blocks contained within). See attached screenshot - I'm logged as administrator, but I don't see Set Permissions item in the Area or Block-level menu anymore! I still get this item for local areas on all pages though - but not for global ones.

Can someone shed some light on this situation? Is it a bug or a change in Global Area permission handling in (ATM of writing, the documentation of advanced permissions has not been updated to reflect changes in Any known fixes?

Thanks in advance.

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snobo replied on at Permalink Reply
In case anyone has stumbled upon the same situation, I submitted it as a bug and received an explanation from C5 team.

"You can set permissions on these areas, you just can't do it from the front-end. Head into Dashboard > Stacks and Blocks > Stacks and find the list of global areas. Then, click on the global area there and you should see a permissions button. You can set permissions for the stack there."
arondeparon replied on at Permalink Reply
I am experiencing the same problem. Would very much like to hear an update on this.

Upgrades should not silently break existing functionality.
snobo replied on at Permalink Reply
This turned out to be not a bug, see explanation here:
michael77 replied on at Permalink Reply
I've got similar problem. After upgrading from to I've lost ability to set permissions for specific blocks/areas regardless of the type - global or local. I'm not quite sure but possibly it happens after turning on Advanced permissions.
What's the real reason of a such change ? The link included in this thread points to nowhere as many of them dated on 2012 or earlier.