Admin toolbar not showing upon login

We are experiencing issues with our website - when we login, the admin toolbar that normally shows for editing is not coming up. We are able to access the dashboard when we add /index.php/dashboard to the URL, but are not able to edit site page content as we normally do.

Our former webmaster is no longer a member of our church, and those of us who are left have some, but limited knowledge of coding and are newer to the system and our host cpanel pages - so any 'laymans terms' or direction would be helpful so we can find the right place and where we can access the code.

Thanks, in advance!

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ascension replied on at Permalink Reply
Also, we did find information that we should look for this code in the 'footer' - just having a hard time finding the right place to find the footer code.

<?php Loader::element('footer_required'); ?>
exchangecore replied on at Permalink Reply
I think you're probably on the right track here.

This is usually found inside of some sort of footer element for your theme, however if you don't have any footer elements for your theme then it likely needs to be placed on every single page type for your theme.

To locate your theme code you should try looking under /themes/<themename>/. Alternatively, if the theme was installed via a package you may need to look under /packages/<packagename>/themes/<themename> to locate these files. Usually inside of these folders there is an "elements" directory which would have your shared header and footer information, and in the footer file is where you would need to add the snippet of code you found.
ascension replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you! This helped - for the most part. I found the code under themes in a file called inside_footer.php.

The only issue remaining is that it is not showing the edit bar on the homepage - but it now shows on all other pages of the site. I cannot find the .php file that covers the home page.

Any ideas? I see the code already in index.php.

Appreciate it!!!
exchangecore replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
It's possible that your home page, isn't leveraging the inside_footer.php file for it's page type. To determine what file your home page is using first determine what page type the homepage is. You should be able to determine this by going to your sitemap in the dashboard, left clicking on the home page, and clicking the "Design" link. From there it should tell you what page type you are using.

Once you have determined that, you can go to the page types page to determine what "Handle" is being used for that page type at /index.php/dashboard/pages/types/. That "handle" should directly correspond to a PHP file located in the root of your theme. For example if the handle is right_sidebar, you should have a right_sidebar.php file in your theme path.

IF the file does not exist, then that page type will fall back to using default.php.
ascension replied on at Permalink Reply
THANK YOU! Everything is better... We've literally spent hours and hours over the past several days... and with this help, I was able to fix right away. You're the best!
ascension replied on at Permalink Reply
Nevermind! I put the additional code into a file called default.php and it worked. THANK YOU!!!!