Advanced permissions not applying from default page

I have had nothing but problems with permissions with C5, I'm guessing I'm missing something fundamental. I really need help with this before I throw my computer out of the window closely followed by me.

I'm editing permissions in the full page defaults. I have the page permissions set to Assign Permissions Manually.

Then I set the permissions of each block to allow an editor group to view edit etc each block.

The permissions I set on the default page don't apply to the new pages I create. The new pages are set to Assign Permissions From Page Type Defaults. The Subpage Permissions are set to Inherit Page Type Default Permissions.

For example I have an editable area on the site
$a = new Area('SubHeading');

I can see the editable area on the super admin account and have a content block already populated on the page default. Yet none of it is visible by the editor

The page default permissions for the prepopulated block on the default page say:
"This is a global block. Editing it here will change all instances of this block throughout the site.
Permissions for this block currently override those of the area and page.

Revert to Area Permissions
View Block Editor
Edit Block Editor
Change Custom Template None
Delete Block None
Edit Design None
Edit Permissions None
Schedule Guest Access None"

Looking at the new page at that block using the super admin I can see the permissions are set to:
"This block is an alias of Page Defaults. Editing it here will 'disconnect' it so changes to Page Defaults will no longer affect this block.
Permissions for this block are currently dependent on the area containing this block.

Override Permissions
View Block Guest Editor
Edit Block Editor
Change Custom Template Editor
Delete Block Editor
Edit Design Editor
Edit Permissions None
Schedule Guest Access None"

When I log in as an editor I can't see any of the blocks created in this area.

I compound confusion the permission edits I make on the page default to the auto nav or search block apply to the add block area but not he existing content.

I've used setup on child pages several times and cleared the cache. Ive uploaded it to another server on the same host nothing seems to help.

Any help to get me trough this would be great as every time I use C% I think how much better than WordPress it is ...until I turn on advanced permissions then it all seems to go wrong.

Thanks for any help


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frz replied on at Permalink Reply
At a glance...

On the page defaults, set permissions to inherit from page defaults or from the tree...

Then change the permissions to be the way you like on the defaults...

New pages would then inherit the permissions from the page type.

If you setup the page default to say manual, than every new page would have manual permissions. Hope that made any sense at all.
jonnym replied on at Permalink Reply
Makes sence. Setting a page default to inherit from page defaults basically itself confused me slightly.

I will try that tommorrow.


jonnym replied on at Permalink Reply
If on Page Types - Full(Page Type)- Defaults - Hover over Edit and select Permissions, If Assign Permissions is By Area of Site (Hierarchy)or From Page Type Defaults, the permissions are not editable, they are only editable if they are set to Manual.

Do I have to set all the permissions at the block level to the propagate to all the new pages? I'm setting all the new pages to page type defaults.

thanks for any help

enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
I can confirm the confusion/issue here. Setting page type default permissions to "from page type defaults" will then pass all permission settings to newly created pages. But if you select "from page type defaults" on the page type defaults permissions, you can't set any permissions.

If you choose "manually" you can set permissions for the page defaults, but then the permissions are not carried to the newly created pages...

as far as the actual page "area" permissions, I was able to set view to registered users in the page type defaults and those permissions seem to successfully carry over from defaults to new pages...
tabercreative replied on at Permalink Reply
Was this ever resolved? I am having the same issue with

I also cannot set the page type to assign permissions "By Area of Site". It just spins the loading icon and never completes the process.
jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
I too was very confused about how to make this all work. What worked for me was the following:

1) You must set the overall permissions of the "Page Type Defaults" for the pagetype in question to "Manual".

2) You must set the overall permissions of a parent page in the sitemap so its children "inherit permissions from page type defaults". This might be problematic if the pagetype in question could be added anywhere in your site, but for me it was okay because I just had one section of the site that will be using this pagetype (and hence 1 parent page in my sitemap that I could set the "child pages inherit permissions from page defaults" on).

3) Now you can set the permissions on specific areas within the page type defaults, and those should be carried over to the other pages in your site that are of that pagetype (assuming they're underneath a parent page where you set the "child pages inherit permissions from page defaults" from step 2 above).

Last but not least, remember that if you're logged in as the super-admin user, you won't be able to test the effects of these permissions because you always have permission to everything... so what I did is open another browser (so in Chrome I'm super-admin, but in Firefox I'm logged in as a regular "editor" account who is in the Administrators group, but not the super-duper admin), and test the effects of my permissions settings there.

Hope that helps!