'broken' website


re: my website:http://www.marksung.com

I recently tried to make changes to my website, and may have deleted some files by mistake. Today i noticed my home page has lost all the photos and graphics, and what remains of blocks seem to be crammed into each other.

Can anyone tell me what I did wrong, and whether I can 'revert' it back to the original version?

I'm a complete 'ignoramus' when it comes to coding/programming. etc.

thanks in advance


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10010110 replied on at Permalink Reply
Do you remember what you did? It looks like you’ve removed your content block or something. have you edited your theme’s files manually or just made changes in the admin backend?
marksung replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks for replying.

I only remember going into the dashboard/scrapbook/ and deleted what I thought were 'extra' files. I think this was a week ago.