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I'm using the Earthtones theme for my website and when I loaded the theme a strange thing happened. Some of my pages have a horizontal Auto Nav menu and some have a vertical Auto Nav menu. I want them all horizontal but I don't know how to do that. Can I get some help with this please. I think I've found the file I need to change but I don't know how to go about making the necessary changes. Thanks.

Check out the site:

You can see this page has the horizontal but if you click on Privacy Policy it goes to a vertical menu.

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BrotherPhil replied on at Permalink Reply
so, how did you fix your problem?
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
can you post a screen shot of your problem?
kchilds replied on at Permalink Reply
I am having the same problem. Haven't been able to figure out out to make it horizontal and aligning to the right. If anyone has figured this out, please post.
aaronk replied on at Permalink Reply
I broke my autonav on my main page (was horizontal format, then only vertical was possible), and couldn't get it back to horizontal either. I ended up copying another autonav from another page (that was still horizontal) to the scrapbook and then deleted the vertical formatted version and pasted in the replacement from the scrapbook. I think this is a bug, or hidden 'feature' of the default themes. There isn't a 'horizontal / vertical option, and no custom CSS that I can detect in the default themes to make the text horizontal, but there it is.
bishopdennis replied on at Permalink Reply
In edit mode, click on the auto-nav section, and instead of clicking "edit," click on "custom template," then choose "Header Menu." I hope this works.
pranaman replied on at Permalink Reply

While running 5.5.2, this totally worked. Thanks.
tonyswaby replied on at Permalink Reply
Click on the block go to custom design and give it a CSS id.

then stick something like...

#navlist li
display: inline;
list-style-type: none;
padding-right: 20px;

in the main css file