Auto-Nav Primer

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Just wanting to let everyone know a new primer on the Auto-Nav, including its options, using page attributes with it, extending it and theming it is available here

and here


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okhayat replied on at Permalink Reply
Very nice, well detailed, and self explanatory article!
Thanks alot!
mario replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks andrew!
platypusman replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
On some pages the main Header Nav does not display -- wondering 1) is this by design, or a bug?, and 2) what's the best way to fix (custom templates, or edit Default page types, or...)?

Seems to be an issue mostly with certain Add-Ons and with Single Pages. Noticed it first on Simple Blog (asked the developer about it here: ), then realized this also happens with eCommerce, so it is more of a core issue.

In eCommerce package ( demo: ),once you get to the checkout step the nav no longer displays (screenshots attached).

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
EASTWebmaster replied on at Permalink Reply
404 error on the C5 link.