Autonav rollover menu: posted many times but no solutions yet

Hello. I just discovered Concrete and love it.

My one reservation, however, is regarding autonav. When secondary navigation LIs for children pages are printed, they are printed in their own LIs just below the parent.

The problem is that if you want to display the HTML like this:


You can't. At least that's what I'm not finding a solution for. In order to create a rollover menu for the child items you would need the HTML to render as I've mentioned.

Many people have inquired about this in the forums, but after a LONG time here I'm yet to find a solution. I've even read a few people saying it does indeed work this way, but I'm at a loss to make it work.

I've successfully modified header_menu.php by creating my own version of that block in the root /block directory. That worked great for setting up the primary nav like I want it.

All I want to do now is add the children pages inside the parent LI inside their own UL.

I'm an experienced web designer/developer and work with PHP regularly including the Codeigniter framework. So I would think I could figure this out.

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated. I can't use Concrete if I can't get this to work. Thanks in advance for your time.

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ijessup replied on at Permalink Reply
NVM responded before I finished reading.
ijessup replied on at Permalink Reply
Autonav's view.php file.

The header file is completely different.

I modified the view file and copied my modification over the header file for a menu I made.

liberalmark replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm investigating now. What I'm doing isn't working out, but I'll keep trying. I don't suppose you'd like to share what you discovered? I'd hate to sound pushy or lazy. Plus, I'm sure many people would benefit from your solution.

Sorry, I should have clarified what I'm experiencing…

The autonav/view.php file worked the magic I needed. Everything works great except I can't get the rollover menu to display on ALL pages. My menu looks like this:

About Us
-Child 1
-Child 2
-Child 1
-Child 2
Contact Us

Etcetera. When I'm in the "Projects" section the rollover menu works. When I'm in other sections the rollover menu doesn't print.

As far as I can tell it has something to do with this:

$thisLevel = $ni->getLevel();

I found the getLevel function but it didn't seem to help. So that's where I'm at. Thoughts?
liberalmark replied on at Permalink Reply
When editing a page there is an option for what navigation to display: "Sub Pages to Display." The option "Display all" shows all secondary nav items when on that page.

Thanks a lot for your time, ijessup. Your help got me on the right track.
DianaV replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi liberalmark.
I was reading at your posting and I am having the same problem though I only have a one level menu.

To create the menu I follow this tutorial

Unfortunately, I am not too proficient in php. But after analyzing things for a while I am almost positive that I have to add some php rules to the image_navigation.php file, so that then I can play with my css and apply an individual class style to each one of my menu links.

It seems that after a lot of work you were able to find the solution and I was hoping you could help me out....
DianaV replied on at Permalink Reply
Anyone can help?