Backend editing.

As we all know, concrete is excellent for its front end editing. However, with some companies work flow, they would like to be able to add content into the back end of a site before the theme has been generated. In the company I work for, content comes much quicker than the overal site development queue. It would be super beneficial if there was a backend content editor, or a plugin, that would allow our content team to create pages with no theme attached. It would be excellent if the backend editor would allow for multiple content areas to be added, so as a designer/coder can grab those areas later to implement. Now some people may say, why not just enter the content with just a basic theme? It would just be an awesome way to have a backend editor (much like wordpress, although I hate to use it as a reference), so that content can be put in before the page was coded, regardless of what the content area was named. Maybe by a custom block that allows the user to choose the backend created content block? hmm. Any serious developers out there, that would be amazing. If this already exists, please let me know.

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Have you checked out all that composer can do? Composer is basically a backend editor, that saves drafts for publication later on, you can also set up different page types to use composer and add blocks and attributes through the page defaults.