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I am the administrator of my site. Within the past 24 hours I get this message - ?Unable to complete action: your IP address has been banned. Please contact the administrator of this site for more information." What do I do to fix this? Help!

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
You could try resetting the router or whatever broadband device you use to connect to the internet. Just switch it off for 5 minutes then switch it on again and watch it reboot. Your ISP will probably then assign you a different IP address.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Failing that, using phpMyAdmin the table UserBannedIPs contains a list of banned IP addresses. So using phpMyAdmin you could remove your IP address from that table.
AdamVidovics replied on at Permalink Reply

Your solution helped me out! :)
burbleweb replied on at Permalink Reply
I solved this in 2 minutes following John The Fish's answer using the database route. Took 2 minutes.

Just go to that table metioned (backed up before doing anything) deleted the only row in the table and relogged in. Jobs a good un
weitau replied on at Permalink Reply
This solution does not work for C5 ver 8 since the bannedIP table no longer exists (or I could not find it).

However the good news is that the ban is temporary and the default time out is 10 minute. So log in after 10 minutes, or use a free proxy (like to hide your IP to get in earlier. of course you would need to change your admin password because the proxy can keep a record of everything you do.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
In v8 the table was renamed to UserBannedIPs so you can still use John's solution