Batch import of users and user attributes

For our current project, each user has an extra 23 attributes. I'm working on a script which can do a batch import from an excel file.

Problem is, I don't see a function with which you can do a batch save of attributes. For example, what I'd like to do is have an array of key/value pairs of attribute names and values, and do something like saveBatch($userInfo, $attrData). I can't find a function in the code which does something like this.

All I can see so far is to manually save each attribute, but that would lead to 1 (user record) + 22 (attributes) * 1250 (rows from excel) = 28750 seperate save queries for 1 import. Not the most efficient course of action for an import which might be done more then 1 time.

Any hints, tips or lines of code in the C5 which I should take a look at?

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Nitrev replied on at Permalink Reply
I think I posted this in the wrong subforum, could an admin please move it to 'Building with Concrete5'?
maartenfb replied on at Permalink Reply
I need to do the same.
The Kino plugin seems worthless(?) in terms of importing custom attributes.

Is there any documentation of the database schema so I can build my own import?
xaritas replied on at Permalink Reply
That seems reasonable for something that is probably going to only be done rarely. Databases are pretty fast and they shouldn't sweat over 20k updates. I would be more worried about wrapping each user update in a transaction than in the overhead of a couple thousand updates.

If I were trying to do this more efficiently, I suppose I would initialize a user, then export the database (using MySQL backup or the backup function in the Dashboard), then use the SQL to reverse engineer the schema, generate a new .sql file, and import it back through the database. Maybe wrap everything up in a nice mustache template.
ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
I agree with xaritas, 23k updates really isn't that big a deal, you can update max execute time in php or update it via ini_set if enabled.