C5 logo in top left corner of dashboard pages is TOO big and annoying

Since upgrading to 8.2, the C5 logo, which used to be small and unobtrusive up in the left hand corner of the dashboard pages, is now huge, cumbersome, and annoying!
Please tell me how to get rid of it or at least make it smaller. See screen shot...


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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
Sounds like something isn't quite right with your concrete 5 install...

In the concrete5 app.css there is a declaration that resizes the image in the tool bar:
div#ccm-toolbar>ul li.ccm-logo span img

Can you confirm this is present?

My own local copy of 8.2 works fine.
jakobfuchs replied on at Permalink Reply
Reload the page with ctrl+f5, if that doesn't work clear the browser cache.
chemmett replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Just upgraded to 8.2 and can confirm this works. It's a CSS caching issue. Just clear browser cache or do a force-refresh by pressing Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+Shift+R and the icon goes back to normal.