Can not remove or replace Concrete default logo

OK, I've seen this question asked and answered in various ways - but no solution presented has worked.

I'm evaluating Concrete5 to replace/upgrade about 1/2 dozen client websites, and I really want it to work out. However, I have to agree with others who have had this problem - how can the most basic thing most would want to do apparently be one of the most difficult?

How the heck do you replace or remove the "Concrete" image that appears in the header of the default (and all other activated) templates?

If someone can definitively answer this specific question - I can do a work around: Using the latest version of Concrete - exactly where is that image located and named? Easy enough to replace with desired one.

I followed advice about modifying the header.php in the default template. I finally removed the entire section about the header logo - and it worked for the default template. However, as soon as I activate a different theme - the Concrete logo came back !!! How can that be?

There MUST be an easy way to do this? When you go to all the showcase/sample sites - none of those have the Concrete text logo in the upper left? It seems that most Themes kind of mix with the default content/theme.

Is there a way to completely get rid of the default theme/content that is installed and start with another template from the get go?

Thanking anyone with definitive answers in advance,

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SheldonB replied on at Permalink Reply
are you talking about your page theme or the edit bar ??
enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
ssnetinc replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry, I should have been more specific. I'm talking about on the websites themselves - not the dashboard.

When you install Concrete, it installs a few themes. They each use the image of the word "Concrete" in the upper left corner. There is no way to get rid of that or replace it with another logo.

This even applies to other themes downloaded from the marketplace - they all want to use that "Concrete" logo - and it is not an "Editable" area of the pages.
Adreco replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
2 ways to change:
A) Dashboard > Systems & Settings > Basics > Site Name

B) Dashboard > Stacks & Blocks > Stacks (change "site name" with logo here if wanted)

Hope this helps :)

Arvixe Web Hosting / Concrete5 Community Liaison |
ssnetinc replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Adrian,
THANKS! On my version of Concrete - the Systems & Settings is just a text link at the very bottom of the dashboard screen - I would think something so important would be up with the rest of the "tools".

Changing the Basics > Site Name worked! I would like to try using a different logo using the Stack - however, in my efforts to remove the Concrete logo - I deleted that Stack.

By chance, do you know what the exact Stack Name was - I can recreate it.

Thanks again,
Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply

Try adding a stack and just naming it: "Site Name" (without the quotation marks)

and yes... the stack should over-ride the default site name.

Let me know if it works out :)

EDIT: after re-creating a deleted "Site Name" block in stacks, click on the saved block and select Custom Template. In the open Custom Template field type in "My_Site_Name"

Arvixe Web Hosting / Concrete5 Community Liaison |
ssnetinc replied on at Permalink Reply
Wow, I just realized concrete dynamically generates an image based on the text you put in for Site Name - no wonder I could not find the image file.......

So, if I can recreate the original Stack and use a logo - the system will know to use that instead of the text I have in Site Name?

I'm really starting to like concrete and the community around it...
ssnetinc replied on at Permalink Reply
OK - I switched back the the default theme to make sure other ones were not causing a problem.

The Basics Site Name worked as stated previously. I did create (recreate) a Stack named Site Name and added an image to it. However, the only thing showing in the theme(s) is the Text that was entered in Site Name under Basics. Is there another setting or some way to put an actual logo/image up in that area? That area is not editable. The site I'm playing with to evaluate concrete is - I would be glad to PM you with user/pass since it's just a test site on a non-active domain.

Also, and I will search forums for more specifics, but are the URL's generated by Concrete SEO friendly - i.e.,

Thank you for being most helpful.
ssnetinc replied on at Permalink Reply
Disregard SEO question, I just discovered section under System :-)