Can you password protect a single page?

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I've seen that you can password-protect a file and you can restrict access of pages to registered members or a group you define, but can you password-protect individual pages from within C5?



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RizzzO replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi osu

I thought about the same thing - and decided to just use user restriction.

I mean, in the end it's the same thing: Create the single page you want, where you want it, create the desired user(s), and just set the corresponding permissions.

Or what advantage do you see from using another way?

osu replied on at Permalink Reply
Totally agree that it's a feasible way of restricting page access and is definitely best suited to restricting groups of users' access to a page(s).

However, I'm concerned that C5 will become unmanageable for the client in the admin end because they want about 300 user's pages to force login.

That will mean I'll need to create 300+ groups (one group for each user) and then add assign those pages for each user to their relevant group. With so many pages and groups, I can see things getting ugly...

What do you think?
ryan replied on at Permalink Reply
So you have 300 users, each one has a page and who needs to access those pages. Is it similar to a profile page where the user 'abc' can access his unique page at:
and only a site admin and the user abc can edit that page? Or is there more to it than that? Try to explain as clearly as possible your requirements and I'll try and give you some direction that doesn't require creating 300 groups.
osu replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Ryan,

I agree, it would be great to simplify this process as 300+ groups and then assigning those pages to users could become a mammouth job.

They need to have more than one page (the client wants separate pages for different resources), so it would look like this>

- User 1 can access page 1,2+3 only when logged in
- Only admin can edit the page (not User 1)
- User 1 can update their details i.e. User attributes.

Is it possible to do that with urls like you said? i.e. and etc.?

Thanks for your help on this, really is appreciated
dlloyd replied on at Permalink Reply
I need the function where a user, when registering, can specify the group that he/she will be registering under. More specifically (and what I really need); I need a function where the admin can place specific login blocks that only allow users to register under a specific group.

Is this in any way possible with the given tools?

Fernandos replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi dlloyd!
That's exactly what I need too, except the registration. Manual insertion is enough for me.
wizard247 replied on at Permalink Reply

I am working on a site for a multimedia company that wants their clients to access a single page with their own production video. Each client will have their own page and their own video. Is this feasible with the user groups feature and restricting a page to just one user? I don't foresee there being hundreds, so it would be manageable.

Is this the best route to take?

Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
you should make a single page that pulls data based on the user id of the logged in user
wizard247 replied on at Permalink Reply
That would be perfect, but that would mean extensive PHP programming and database links, would it not?

I don't think I can do that without help. Has anyone done this before?