Cannot edit blocks after creating, access denied...

I have set up a user with full rights/permission on certain pages of our site. However, after he creates content and saves a block, when he tries to open and edit the block again we get a "access denied" error. He had the rights to create the block but to re-edit is not possible.

There seems to be a similar bug with editing images via picnik. He can edit but to export back there is an error but it does still make the edits on the image.

Text edits however are a one time thing before the user is unable to re-edit.

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NRB replied on at Permalink Reply
I have tested this further. If I make the user part of the administrator group he can edit and re-edit content without a problem. It is only when he is not part of that group but merely a single user I give edit rights to on a page that I get the access denied when he tries to re-edit a page. I have another user that is under a different group that doesn't seem to have a problem as well. So it looks like it may only be when you give edit rights to a single user who is not under a group when you run into the access denied error on re-edits.
NRB replied on at Permalink Reply
While I tested and moved the user in and out of other groups along with using the user account that was not having problems but discovered it doesn't matter about the group issue. Unless they are administrators they cannot re-edit under these pages. I did notice that at the top of the page I only have the "Edit" button option for these uses and no "Add Page" button. However I have the users checked on all boxes for permission, which includes the admin rights. So it appears that possibly the admin option for permissions may be the culprit and not giving true admin rights as the "Add Page" option does not appear.

I hope I am just missing something here. Has anyone else had this problem with user accounts and permissions? Help!

Thank you.
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