Can't add my custom Page Type

Iv'e created new theme and marked it active in my concrete5.
I created custom.php file inside my theme folder(concrete5/themes/mytheme).
Then I go to Dashboard>Page Types>Add new page type.
Name my Page type(for example: "My custom page type") and write to handle "custom"(NOT "custom.php").

And when I try to add it to my webpage, it doesn't load up the code that is inside my custom.php

I've also tried to place my custom.php file into few places:

It's always loading my theme's default.php

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Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
What I normally do is create a 'pagetype.php' in my themes folder.

Then I go to 'Dashboard - Themes', with activated theme I click 'Inspect', a tick box appears by my new 'pagetype.php'.

I click OK and return to website, use 'Design' to apply the new 'pagetype.php'.

Also might want to check that the right 'Theme' is selected below 'Page Type' list.

Maybe clear the 'Cache' as well.
siimr replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I figured out what was wrong. I created my theme from Plain Yogurt(copy/paste). For unknown reasons, all the page_types I created, they wouldn't work. So I tested with another Theme and then when I added my custom.php and it worked!