Cant change page types

Hey, after fiddling around and changing themes (just through the dashboard not editing any php files) I've noticed now I can't change the page types of any of my pages. They all come out looking like the sidebar right page type. So far it wasn't a big issue because i've had the side bar on every page, however now I want a page that doesn't have it. The page type selected is full even says that when I click the design button in the edit toolbar.

What do I do? Can this be fixed without reinstalling everything?

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edub replied on at Permalink Reply
oh forgot you might want to see the site in question... lol.

wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
have you tried clearing the cache under 'sitewide settings'?
edub replied on at Permalink Reply
will give that a try too for the other themes.
edub replied on at Permalink Reply
I think I figured out the issue. apparently the themes I was using had something to do with it, once I changed to the plain vanilla the sidebar disappeared from the full width layout. Do some themes just have to have a side bar? Do I have to make my own template file to make it so?
wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
They don't usually have to use a sidebar (although some don't offer a full width page type). You can just change the page type. Have a look here-
edub replied on at Permalink Reply
okay, so definitely know that I must have been using themes which required sidebars or at least don't seem to have a true "full width" page type. I cleared my cache and the themes in question still didn't have a "full width" page type.

Does this make sense? or is it still supposed to remove the sidebar because I told c5 to do it? or is it completely dependent on the theme and the page types the author chose to use for their theme?
wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
It depends. The theme you are using will only show a sidebar if it already has a sidebar included in the design. The choice may still be there but it won't work unless the theme supports it.

The alternative would be to create a new 'layout' with two columns and adjust the columns to fit your desired content.

Have a look at the bottom of this page for an example of a two column-

Which theme are you using?
edub replied on at Permalink Reply
I was switching between a bunch of themes. And the problem is actually the sidebar wont go away when I wanted it to. Right now with the plain yogurt theme it functions how I want it to, with the page titles and breadcrumb navigation. Also the sidebar appears when I want it. But its... you know plain. Lol. Would I be better off using that as a base and making my own theme all together?
wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
Apologies.. I misunderstood. If you change the 'page-type' to 'full width' it should get rid of the sidebar regardless of the theme (so long as it supports a full width page type). Changing between themes shouldn't really cause any problems.

To get a 'full width' page type, all you need to do is-

edit page>> design>> full width

You could of course always create your own theme but you may want to start with a fresh install.

If your site behaves unexpectedly, try clearing the cache.
edub replied on at Permalink Reply
i think you are missing what im saying. i go to edit page and select full width and it doesnt change it. it stays on the side bar. on a side note i have another install of c5 and it has no page types, i have to make them. by going to add page type. so both installs are on the same hosting and behave differently which seems odd.
alanbrownco replied on at Permalink Reply
I have the same problem. When I create a new page type and select full width, it still appears as a right side bar.
wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you using 'advanced permissions'? There's a little explanation by Franz about 'sub-page types' and how you can allow certain groups or users access to particular functionality and page page types.

(Fast forward to 2:35)

If that doesn't help, then there may be an error with the install. Did you use a one-click install?

If you are comfortable doing so, you could create a new user under the admin group, PM me the login details and I'll try having a look for you. You could always then go back and delete the new user.
wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
You may also want to check out
where someone else (dstrickler) had a similar same issue. It may or may not help.

The best answer by Ollie Phillips - "Check your theme. For presentational use of page types, you'll need specific .php files in there which match the page types you are trying to add in the dashboard. Otherwise everything will be getting displayed with default.php"
aroady replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm seeing a very similar problem. I think my issue is in the page type definitions. My full page type has a side bar defined in it.

I also tried a couple of different them packages. I'm thinking one of the theme packages altered my full-page page type to have a sidebar.

Is it possible to edit the page-type and alter the block positions?


the site I am working on is at:

and I am currently using the dotAwesome theme package.