Can't edit or add block to area

What does it mean when an area, in edit mode, is not bounded by a red dotted line, and you can't click on it? (I simply get the normal text cursor when mousing over it.) This has happened to me before, and I can't remember what I had to do to fix it. The code to create the area is:

$as = new Area('Main Navigation');

This doesn't differ in any way from the code used to create other editable areas, except for the name. There is still an "Add to..." link, it just doesn't work.

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Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Could it be a z-index issue?
1db replied on at Permalink Reply
Not apparently. I gave that DIV a ridiculously high z-index, and it still isn't editable.

I also changed the position from "absolute" to "relative," just in case that might have anything to do with it. Nope.
1db replied on at Permalink Reply
UPDATE: yes, it was a z-index issue, though I'm damned if I understand why. This particular div is absolutely positioned and must display on top of another div, so it needs a z-index. I usually define these in increments of 100, because that makes it easier later to add something if it needs to fall between two elements with z-indexes already assigned.

This particular div needs a z-index of 5 or less, or else the area isn't editable. Does anyone know why this is?
n8e replied on at Permalink Reply
I had a similar situation with a site.
I was also only able to fix it by making the z-index 5 or lower.
creativeorange replied on at Permalink Reply
That was super helpful! Thanks!
drbiskit replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah, this is an annoying one - it's because your div is appearing higher in the stack than the highlighter div that c5 uses, and therefore hiding it. The default CSS for this in C5 is:

div#ccm-highlighter {z-index:5}

If you add the following to your own CSS, it should avoid this issue happening:

div#ccm-highlighter {z-index:100!important;}

Obviously amend the z-index value to fit in around the rest of your code.
vernb replied on at Permalink Reply
Perfect - just what I was looking for - RESULT! Thanks
beebs93 replied on at Permalink Reply
I remember running into something similar, but I can't remember for sure how I fixed it.

I wanna say check if you have position:relative on your <body> element and try removing it while in edit mode.
labber replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey. I had the exact issue and the problem WAS z-index AND position relative. But position relative was NOT on the body tag but on the HTML TAG! So make sure you take out position relative from that tag as well.