Cant edit


I don't know how to describe this better, but i am getting this error when i try to edit any page:

Declaration of Concrete\Package\VividThumbGallery\Block\VividThumbGallery\Controller::registerViewAssets() should be compatible with Concrete\Core\Block\BlockController::registerViewAssets($outputContent = '')

I have upgraded to the latest version of Concrete5 but no luck.

Anyone can help?


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ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
On line 141 of the vivid_thumb_gallery/blocks/vivid_thumb_gallery/controller.php you have this
public function registerViewAssets()

On line 729 of the concrete/src/Block/BlockController.php you have this
public function registerViewAssets($outputContent = '')

The vivid_thumb_gallery/blocks/vivid_thumb_gallery/controller.php should match the concrete/src/Block/BlockController.php file.

You should edit the vivid_thumb_gallery/blocks/vivid_thumb_gallery/controller.php file to match the concrete/src/Block/BlockController.php file.